July 2008
The building structure itself is nearly finished. The boiler is really starting to take shape. It has been painted, the brass straps are on and the light has been replaced. Other machinery is also slowly being restored.

June 2008
Firstly I am sorry for not updating the site lately. A lot has changed as can be seen by the below photos. The mill walls and roof is completed. The boiler is really starting to take shape. Other equipment and machinery is slowly starting to look like it is loved once again.

13th September 2007
Work has begun on the boiler. The safety valves have been removed. The main mounts have also been removed. The injectors have been removed and restored. The new Western wall is also nearly completed as shown below.

1st September 2007
The roof is now finished providing the much needed shelter to the machinery. We have now been able to remove the tarps for the first time since the fire.

30th June 2007
Latest photos as at 30th June 2007. The roof is on the way!

26th May 2007
Things are moving along slowly. We have cleaned up most if not all the debris. The various guards and hand rails have been repainted in yellow. We have installed a replacement docking bench so we can try and get started as soon as possible on the stakes and pegs.

10th May 2007
As you can see by these photos we have made a start. The roof over a large section has been removed along with some supporting beams and other sections of the main structure. All necessary machinery and equipment have received a good dose of oil. The boiler has been covered along with the Marshall engine to protect them from the elements during the rebuilding process. A general clean up has also been done. A long way to go but it's a start!